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Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador

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About Our Ambassadors

When we talk about community strength impacting individual healing, we usually point to our volunteer Ambassadors. These men and women have a direct impact in Veterans’ lives and are living examples of our motto: “United We Heal.”

Mission 22 Ambassadors first and foremost embody the goals of our organization. They are volunteers, leaders, and active community members. They help make connections and raise awareness that Veteran struggles with PTS and TBI are real, and that support is available. Our Ambassadors connect with communities all over the States (and the world), reach out to Veterans and their families, and are always willing to lend a hand or an ear.

There are three main ways a Mission 22 Ambassador can help:

  • On social media
  • In person
  • At events

Veterans and their families give up everything to defend our freedoms. Now, it’s the community’s turn to give back and support them—to listen if they want to talk, thank them for their service, and point them to resources that can help them. By becoming a Mission 22 Ambassador, you have the opportunity to be at the frontlines of healing. Apply below to get started!

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