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Programs for Veterans

Programs for Veterans


If you or someone you love is in crisis, there is help available. Mission 22 is not a crisis support organization, but we do have a list of resources that can help address urgent needs. Please click to find the corresponding organizations and contact information.


Odyssey Coaching is designed to help individuals establish a meaningful, non-clinical relationship with one of our Post-traumatic Growth Facilitators, Health Coaches who have been a part of Mission 22’s ecosystem of hope and new possibilities for years.

This program will challenge participants to get out of their comfort zones in order to make meaningful changes in their lives, to establish a clearer vision for what they hope to see in the future, and will provide a guide by your side along the way.



Elements is a free, virtual and self-guided 28-day program open to everyone interested in science-based wellness (civilians included). 

Our team of Veterans, athletes, and health coaches designed the Elements Program to include the fundamentals of our Recovery + Resiliency Program in a simple way. Each module focuses on one theme and contains articles, resources, and a brief exercise option to follow along with. While this series is not a replacement for any sort of counseling, medications, or other types of prescriptive regimen created by healthcare professionals, Elements addresses the components of healing that Mission 22 has found to be most effective in living well with trauma and can help you jumpstart your journey to healing.