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Mission 22 Troopers Kid’s Activity Day 19

Welcome to Mission 22 Activity Day 19!

In need of something fun to do with your kids? Look no further! Below are some great activities to keep everyone entertained while at home!

If you have any suggestions for future blogs feel free to drop us a comment below!


STORYTIME: Strega Nona


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Screenshot 2020-03-20 09.48.46.png

Craft of the Day: Scribble Drawing Challenge!


Exercise for Kids: Kids Beginners Workout


Great Online Free Learning Resources

There are many companies offering free use of their software and learning programs to those who have children out of school. Here is a list to get you started. Just click the company name to go to their site and sign up. (Updated 3/30)


ABC Mouse

Adventure Academy

Fluency and Fitness


Sight Words

Khan Academy



Crash Course (Teens)

Free Museum Tours

Hippo Campus



Yoga Education for Children

Sara Johnson is the CEO of Mission 22, wife of a Green Beret, mother of two children. She’s also a Daughter of the Revolution and a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council.