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Financials FAQ

What percentage of donations go directly to helping Veterans?

100% of your donation supports veterans, their families and communities. 87.8% pays for programs and the balance pays to support those programs. Our free services in mental health, wellness, physical fitness, community support, youth program, community education and memorials help support veterans and their entire families.

Why is the IRS Form 990 used for reporting Mission 22’s percentages of spending?

The IRS Form 990 is referenced more frequently by other charitable groups, charity watch groups such as GuideStar, and the public. Every year we undergo a voluntary external audit,  to verify all finances. These are available under our financial documents page as well.

Why are there fees to donate online?

Donations through our website incur a small translation cost to cover the payment processing fee. You can check the box to cover the processing fee if you wish to do so. Donations made via our Facebook page do not incur any transaction or processing fees and all come directly to Mission 22.

Can I donate by mail?

Yes! To donate by mail please send a check or money order to Mission 22 at: 

694 N. Larch St. #910
Sisters, OR 97759

Can I make a donation in someone’s honor or memory?

Yes! Please check the “Dedicate this donation” box on our online donation form and provide the information requested. You also can create a Facebook fundraiser benefiting Mission 22 in someone’s honor and invite your friends and family to donate there as well. 100% of donations made via Facebook fundraisers directly benefit Mission 22.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes it is! All donations to Mission 22 are fully tax deductible. Donation receipts will be mailed for all checks sent and online donations receive one immediately.