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Recovery + Resiliency

Recovery + Resiliency

Recovery + Resiliency Program

*Thank you for your interest in Mission 22’s R+R program! Unfortunately, at this the program is full. Please check back with us or add your email to stay updated*

The Recovery + Resiliency Program for Veterans and their spouses is a program that combines timeless principles of human healing with modern science. We pair fundamental wellness practices and guided education in a format of assignments and long-term courses that reframe the physical and psychological environment for our participants, so they’re never left in the dark about the next positive step to take toward wellness. While wounds from the past will never fully disappear, R+R teaches participants to leverage trauma into a weapon against hopelessness.


R+R is available to active duty military, veterans, military spouses, ex-spouses, widows and widowers, and those who have experienced MST.

I don’t know where I would be without having started the R&R program. It has helped me in more ways than I can count.

Jason Miller, Retired 68W

If you’re feeling “stuck” or miss that camaraderie, you’ll find that here.

SGT Jolene Raciborski, Military Police

This program has turned my life around. I can’t thank everyone involved enough. I may not know who you are but if you had a hand in this program THANK YOU!! My family thanks you, thank you, thank you.

Justin Storey

Since beginning R+R my mood and outlook on life have changed. I have a sense of self-responsibility again and self-worth. I am more able to take a step back during stressful situations, evaluate my environment and help control my symptoms a lot better than before.

SFC(R) Martin Franz 18D

Life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs with significant challenges. R+R has allowed me to weather the storm of life and my current transitions. I wake up every morning with a calm demeanor, with gratitude and wonder how I can be my best self each and every day and also within my relationships with others.

Chris Jachimiec, MSgt (Retired), First Sergeant (8F000)

PTSD was coming back with vengeance. I had adapted to trying to avoid it and this became my life with all my actions coming out sideways and wreaking havoc to a never-ending spiral of what felt like, doom. I was convinced I was broken and developed many unhealthy habits. Facing my fears with using my strengths with optimal nutrition and wholesome supplements, meditation, exercise, coaching, reading, sharing and learning that I’m not alone offered me the opportunity to finally face the deacons of the negative effects of PTSD to steadily use these tools to improve my well-being. I have a way to go yet, but this strong base will help me towards my recovery.

Jackie Bowman, Sergeant, USMC, 3531

I am a current participant in the R+R program. The program works. I sought help from the VA and their answer was medication. Medication was not something I was seeking and it only treats the symptoms and not the cause. I wanted a more holistic approach. I just happened to see a ad for Mission22 on facebook and clicked the link…and didn’t look back! I am grateful to be in the program and want to: 1) give back!2)help other veterans be able to participate.

R+R Program Participant